Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Then this morning when I was traveling there is a bit jammed, out of sudden a motorcycle with a pillion rider bangs my car from the back.
I was shock to hear that loud noise … these two malay fella. I glance at my car bumper …it view to me ok …
So being considerate I asked them … are they ok? no words from them … well … fine!!
Then I continue to drive on …finally reaches company parking, stepping down from car and “hoping it no serious damage to my car la”
Eventually, I didn’t realize that my car damaged is on the co-driver side. Not to say not severe …but there are scratches, minor crack-lines, then I thought maybe could do some polish … but by checking thoroughly … my mud-guard inside also bended & screw also drop.

One word – heartache !!!
Last word - Stupid motorcyclist!!