Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Penang - Part III

I bet u all know for the fruits, yup! it is Durian. Bought 3 fruits at RM 50. The owner gurantee that it has different flavours as it claimed. So there are 3 colors - orangy, yellowish and another is beige. Yes, it is Penang balik pulau renowned durians... Those who really can eat, go to durian farm and take a buffet style durian... eat like no other... haha... i can't do that... because i am not a durian lover.

Before we eventually travel back home, my uncle saw another stall and bought another RM 50. In total we bought half dozen of durian!! It was like madness ... 5 ppl with 6 durians to eat. haha..
The worst thing is that my car got a new parfume... new flavour! My boot area are the most smelly. this pungent smell last 3 days.. haha ...

Oh, just to show... after all ... we finished it. Even the mangosteen we bought 6kg.

Penang - Part II

Ok, reaching Balik Pulau as i mentioned, u will have this corner shop selling Assam Laksa & Nyonya Laksa. It is small coffee shop for local to patronize. In Penang u don't go for fastfood nor some fancy fancy restaurant. Because local people don't spend it that way... if u were talking about hawker food... yes that is Penang style.

Don't be surprise even in this small town i got to tatse a very nice nice Assam Laksa. What is so special about this, normally in KL u will find ur "penang style laksa" either is too sour or too spicy & furthermore i won't take Nyonya style laksa because is too "lemak" for me. Not for this, the tatse just nice, where u can tatse plenty of fish meat and extra vege. Hey, this is my sis who recommended me that maybe i would like to try "yin yong" ... the laksa goes with both Assam & Nyonya gravy-soup... not bad though ... i even packed it back home.

See all slurp up!!!~~~ Even my nutmeg fruit juice also 2 cups~~~

Here is the hawker stall picto ..

Penang - Part I

Well, days are hot & humid.. I was bored at home. Then i ajak all my family member who wish to go Penang with me. Somehow my car is full. Spontenously all getting ready and set to go for a ride & what is my trick!! ... let's go eat!!! mu hahaha ... all jump in. So our first round trip was to try something rather unique and u can't really tatse it in KL town. Only in Penang~~
Nutmeg fruit juice with ice... Only one shop has this nice to drink trademark fruit juice with the hot day & such a long distance road we reached Penang island and yet travel through the cut mountains and valley to reach a very small town called Balik Pulau.

Crazy Idea

I fine saturday afternoon, as the birds is chirping & the sun shine and beam through my glass of ice lemon tea.Eventually me and my frens are at Kopitiam having a luncheon.. As we chit-chat for like few hours then is almost time for everyone to go home. One from Cheras & one from Balakong. So everyone walk to their own car and start engine.. while waiting for the air-cond to get ventilate.. crazily my frens just got a wild idea and spoken out "let's go genting!!".. we were like stunt for a while.. but a fren of mine driving avanza just said.. let's go!! Without objection ... this is how we look like!

Everyone is in short pants - no jacket or windbreaker... but nothing we went to the temple for a walk.Then yum cha at Genting Highland Oldtown Cafe.Later in the evening, i recommend all to take a dinner as well ...

Back Home

Ha Ha.. I am back to update.. Since my cut-off of streamyx, i went on leave. How long?? .. 9 days ... wa kaka : )
The very weekend on 25th Friday night i drove back home. It is quite late actually to start a journey back, since i dunno want to watse time to start tommorrow morning... u know why? weekend sure don't have discipline to wake as early to travel. ha ha..Crazily reached home in 2.30am.. Have to wake up my parents though.. no keys mar.. so so tired eventhough i had "neslo" - nescafe + milo at the Tapah rest station.