Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Idea

I fine saturday afternoon, as the birds is chirping & the sun shine and beam through my glass of ice lemon tea.Eventually me and my frens are at Kopitiam having a luncheon.. As we chit-chat for like few hours then is almost time for everyone to go home. One from Cheras & one from Balakong. So everyone walk to their own car and start engine.. while waiting for the air-cond to get ventilate.. crazily my frens just got a wild idea and spoken out "let's go genting!!".. we were like stunt for a while.. but a fren of mine driving avanza just said.. let's go!! Without objection ... this is how we look like!

Everyone is in short pants - no jacket or windbreaker... but nothing we went to the temple for a walk.Then yum cha at Genting Highland Oldtown Cafe.Later in the evening, i recommend all to take a dinner as well ...

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