Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday was fortunate to had lunch with a bunch of vendors. Is a casual get-together from our team to have a small chit chat. Hell ya! is a hotel lunch buffet.. haha : ) The first thing i took was ordering the local most favourite drink ... Tea-tarik ... ooops!! hmmm ... wat i like most was the fruits and own made rojak buah ... tatse simply marvelous ... Well for the main course, i dare to take fresh oyster and musscle ... but frankly speaking ... i am not into it ... i take oysters in a form of "O chean" the Penang style of fried Oyster with omlette ... yummy.
There still have a lot of malaysian cuisine ... very malaysian one i say ... because of its cafe also name Nipah Coffeeshop situated just below the main lobby. Okay, it was really hungry because we had the appointment 12.30pm, but my stomach is already growling for food. Eventually after the shaking hand & saying hello ceremony then we sitted and looking at each other ... then there is the CEO say ... u guys go ahead and grab the food ... oh ya! that is the word ... gazing at the food ... i grab salad ... light ones ... satay is really nice though !!
Due to my hungryness we all just wallap everything. Good lord ... then slowly slowly ... go one round by one round till we had a nice rest on the chair ... meaning we are full. Okay, pictures here is some feed ... only desserts

Enjoy ... ice-cream with chocolate toppings ...

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