Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day

Friends, do your part to save the Earth from now on ... dont wait ... first thing you can do is don't throw things away without second thought ... remember any waste or unnecessary things might have the possibility to reuse, or make it simpler to universal word recycle. Here is what i could think of that help me to realize how important to play the initial part...

1) Bottles, basically all bottles today are made of plastic but if it is glass then what can u do? made ourself a vase or pot to plant some simple leafy tree. While for the plastic yogurt drink that i always addicted dont just throw away, keep it and go to any flora alam recycling center.

2) Oh ya! Some container can be re-use ... so keep it ... make this meaningful box to keep or organize some stuff.

3) Shop wisely - this one i got to tell my sister, she is not a spendrif but spending the unnecessary. Do you ask yourself whether this is "must" buy or "necessary" to buy. That is always my advice to frens and my sister.

4) Use Sparingly - while cleaning up use water wisely & try turn off the tap when not in use, switch off the light when is not utilize ...

So keep the world GREEN & Save The World.

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