Wednesday, April 23, 2008


About this torch relay, me and our colleagues was really much anticipated.
At first we were grumbling & complaining about road closure that might cause us not able to go back. Then a stupid idea just came out of nowhere ... camp in the office before you could have a smooth traffic to go back ... what the heck! crazy! ... neh, finally get my work done was about 8.30pm, the traffic flow is clear ... suprizingly, because having to know the road to that the torch is going to travel from Dataran Merdeka then elsewhere finally the end part was to KLCC.

Well supposingly we plan to walk out to spectate the torch relay and give some support, yet this is one time oppurtunity that is so close to us to feel beside olympic torch. Sadly heavy rain just stop us from walking out ... u thought the rain gonna stop the torch relay but NO! ... look at the fire is still flaming ...

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